Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The exchange rate is looking good!

The exchange rate is looking pretty good at the moment for our colleagues in the USA who are thinking of coming over for the fair in April, in fact, almost the best its been since records began, except for almost parity in 1985. I can remember almost selling out of stock at this time but when I went to replace it I suddenly found all the prices had gone up! Some time in the early twentieth century W. F. Stanley produced “Higgins Patent Calculating Triangle”. The exchange rate only seems to go from 4.80$ to 4.90$ so I guess that puts it in the first quarter of the twentieth century. I googled the calculator to see if I could find out more only to discover one appearing at auction on March 28/29! The sale is with Philip Weiss Auctions .

The weekend of Mar. 28-29 will comprise three sessions – two on Saturday and one on Sunday. The first Saturday session, beginning at 10 a.m., will feature an impressive collection of medical and scientific instruments. Included will be medical and dental items; a collection of calculators and slide rules; office items (early check punches and registers); and pre-1950 spy and surveillance equipment.

Highlights will include a previously unrecorded 19th-century Kwik Calculator; Pascaline Calculator; McFarlane's Calculating Cylinder; Higgins Patent (mechanical) Calculating Triangle; Wheilon Calculometer; Bair-Fulton American Calculator; and numerous 19th- and 20th-century slide rules, including some special-purpose rules for artillery, brewing and other, more esoteric applications. Check it out.

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